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Effects of Matrix Rhythm Therapy®

Matrix Rhythm Therapy / MaRhyThe® has been proven to improve various aspects of a body system.


  • Activation of metabolism

  • Acceleration of venous and lymphatic flow

  • Activation of the immune system

  • Normalization of alpha-gamma tension of the musculature

  • Neuromuscular activation via the reflex arcs

  • Targeted relaxation of local muscular spasms

  • Targeted removal of muscular remanence


  • Reduction of viscosity

  • Reduction of the interstitial PH value

  • Increase of tissue temperature to normal temperature


  • Reduction of tissue fluid absorption

  • Targeted strengthening of the muscle’s own resonance

  • Restoration of the colloid osmotic tissue tonus

  • Establishment of individual good resonance through resonance spectrum adaptation

  • Support action for the tissue characteristic attractor

  • Improvement of the mechanical-magnetic coherence

physical injuries.png

In Photo : Various Bone and Muscle systems that Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps treat

Matrix Rhythm Therapy works in

  • Acceleration of regeneration in cases of chronic degenerative diseases - Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

  • Improvement of reduced joint mobility - Post trauma, post immobilization, frozen shoulder

  • Acceleration of functional and structural nerve regeneration - Carpal tunnel syndrome, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy

  • Reduction of swelling - Hematoma, oedema, lymphatic blockages

  • Improvement of elasticity - Pes equines, scars, adhesions, contracture, scleroderma, posture problems

  • Pain management for acute or chronic conditions - Overstretching of muscle fibres, zoster, neuralgia, backache, paresthesia, phantom limb pain, migraine

  • Acceleration of tissue healing – Non healing ulcers, burn injuries

Efficacy of MaRhyThe®

Matrix Rhythm Therapy restores the good tissue resonance, Characteristic for the skeletal musculature, by frequency and amplitude modulation. The applicator produces a lifting action at the same time as a horizontal micro extension movement, which is transferred to adjacent inner organs, bones and skin. As the neural α-γ tension is normalized, the venous and lymphatic flow of the entire area of improved micro circulation is accelerated. Extra cellular matrix clearance increases. (Entrainment)

The biological and physiological effectiveness of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy is achieved through individual resonance spectrum adaptation in the skeletal musculature by means of the resonator appliance head, via :

  • Adaptation of the appliance head frequency to the corresponding individual tissue resonance (by manual selection at the electronic control unit).

  • Adaptation of the amplitude (amplitude modulation) because of the ex-centric design of the appliance head to the shaft (and then rotation of the head during treatment).

  • Gentle locking into phase of the oscillating resonator into the tissue, even for unforeseen resistance such as scars, adhesion and fibroses.

  • Deep acting, rhythmic micro extension of the tendons and fascias.


The resonator will re-establish the elasticity of the musculature (its characteristic resonance quality) through synchronous phasing of the mechanical – magnetic alternating fields because of the possibility of modulating frequency and amplitude.

Once you start with the therapy sessions, the process of regeneration and healing enhances.


Once the pain is reduced, this should be combined with few exercises which will help maintaining the effect of the therapy. Hence the effect of the treatment is long lasting depending on how you manage it after the recovery.


In simple words, “Use it or Lose it.”

Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Bone, Joint and Muscular Pain

Our body consists 45% of skeletal muscles, this is hugest organ of body. Consider your body without muscles. There will be no movement, no circulation, and no sensations.

According to Dr. Randoll, muscles are the processors of our body. If processor is not normal how can we expect the process to be normal? Your joints are supported by muscles. When these muscles become stiff the support becomes uneven. Stiffness for long duration allows bones to adapt new shape.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy relaxes the muscles and provide environment for normal shape of the body.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps to re establish extra cellular logistics that is removal of waste products and improve micro circulation of oxygenated blood. It relaxes muscle and enhance process of regeneration and healing.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Neurological Conditions

Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps in various neurological conditions. Our brain cells require constant supply of fresh oxygen. We feel fresh, relaxed and energized in open area with oxygen rich air. Many serious Neurological problems are connected with interrupted or insufficient supply of fresh Oxygenated blood to Brain. Matrix Rhythm Therapy provide relaxation, improves micro circulation and increase oxygen rich supply of blood.


This help even in nerve regeneration. Muscles relax, muscle tone improves, range of movement improves, and proper neuro feedback is communicated to brain.


Moreover this happens without medicine without suppressing the cause and inhibiting natural process.

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